360 Feedback
Process Facilitation

I work with organizations to facilitate a robust 360 Feedback experience with an emphasis on sustained behavioral change that can result in an increased ROI with significant observable and measurable Leadership growth.

360 Feedback is a highly effective leadership development tool for organizations, individuals, and teams. It's a proven personal development, personal discovery, and awareness building resourc

Benefits of 360 Feedback Process

High-potential talent development
Helps executives discover blind spots, leadership challenges, communication gaps, strengths, and senior leader disconnects to what’s critical

Provides a well-rounded view of an individual’s performance: key strengths, most important/useful areas for development, and/or highlights any observational behaviors that are obstacles.

Creates an opportunity for individuals to strengthen relationships with the people they work with, influence, and/or potentially manage. It opens up communication, clarifies expectations, and improves collaboration.

Helps newly formed teams get off to a great start
Ensures that critical projects or initiativebased teams stay on track and accomplish goals
Identifies and addresses dysfunctional behaviors in existing teams
Increases communication and cooperation between interdependent teams
Provides a cost-effective and time-efficient way to develop leaders, especially high-potentials