Team Based Coaching
& Facilitation

I often work with an Executive and their team to design the coaching engagements specific to needs.

Together, we work to:
  • Align around a common purpose and set of goals

  • Inspire alignment of vision and strategy

  • Define clear roles

  • Generate a collective commitment to shared accountability

  • Create a sustainable environment that cultivates long-term sustained success.

  • And more …

Team coaching gives team members the opportunity to stretch beyond their current abilities. High quality, effective coaching powerfully builds trust and psychological safety, helps to develop and leverage relationships, and increases connection, collaboration, confidence, and while honing a culture of

Team based coaching engagements may last between 6 and 18 months. Team coaching includes both regular team observation and facilitation, as well as conducting monthly one – on – one coaching sessions with each team member for the length of the Team engagement