Leadership Team Offsite Meeting
& Retreat Facilitation

I work with leadership teams to harness the power and significance of gathering. Accelerating connection to foster collaboration, brainstorm innovative ideas, and strengthen team dynamics. Guiding teams toward breakthroughs, strategic alignment, and a renewed sense of motivation. Meeting range from half to full - day sessions, or multi - day offsite retreats.

The materials and focus are highly customized and often include topics or challenges such as:

  • Supporting executives, their teams, and emerging leaders at times of significant transition for a return to resilience.

  • Helping executives with effective communication and messaging.

  • Facilitating 360 feedback processes

  • Developing greater emotional intelligence

  • Addressing company culture and correlating survey scores and underperforming team or process dynamics

  • Effectively managing feedback

A typical coaching engagement starts with a consultation to determine if we’re the right fit which includes Stakeholder Centered 360

Coaching engagements are targeted and specific, and tracked and measured over time. Engagements may last anywhere between 6 and 18 months, depending on the nature and complexity of the assignment. Sessions may be conducted via phone, videoconference, or in - person.